Update Three: The three-quarter-ton Ram is three-quarters done with its stay.

Date: March 2011
Current Mileage: 31,716
Months in Fleet: 11 months
Average Fuel Economy: 14 mpg
Average Range: 476 miles
Service: $888
Normal Wear: $0
Repair: $0

Just as we’re nearing the end of our long-term test of a diesel-equipped heavy-duty Ram, engineers have gone and extracted more torque from the Cummins engine—150 lb-ft more, to be precise, thanks to a new computer calibration for 2011. Unlike buyers of early-2011 Ford Super Duty trucks with the Power Stroke diesel, current Ram owners won’t be able to get a simple reflash to the 800-lb-ft rating, because the Ram update is accompanied by a stouter torque converter. Replacing our torque converter is doable, but would void the warranty. How are we getting on without that extra output? Just fine.

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By David Gluckman