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Think of it as a BMW-General Motors combo for the Combo. The two automakers have worked together to ensure that the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Spark Electric will be the first two US vehicles to be compatible with the recently developed Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) so-called fast-charging “Combo” standard

Bimmer and the General collaborated on getting their upcoming EVs to conform to the fast-charging standard that will allow for both AC and DC charging in the same port. ABB and Eaton are among the component suppliers that worked on the new system.

BMW says the Combo system will allow for fast charging that will allow for the i3 to be 80 percent recharged in about 20 minutes. The i3 will be BMW’s first production EV when deliveries start later this year, while Chevy is set to debut the Spark EV (pictured) this month.

Last fall, the SAE finalized the technical standards for the Combo system that’s been embraced by US and European plug-in vehicle makers. Meanwhile, Japanese plug-in vehicle makers are backing the competing CHAdeMO standard, as you can read here. Check out BMW’s press release and a video from GM below.

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By Danny King