Germany-based Solarwatt is partnering with BMW

BMW, which last year struck up an agreement with a Colorado company to facilitate solar-powered charging for its upcoming plug-in vehicles, has done the same with a company from its homeland.

Dresden, Germany-based Solarwatt is working with Bimmer on a partnership for providing solar-panel systems on the home roofs and carports of the i3 and i8 plug-ins. The partnership’s 360° ELECTRIC-branded systems make for an “aesthetic solution with innovative glass-glass modules” that efficiently garner sunlight and turn it into vehicle juice, Solarwatt says.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, BMW will team up with ChargePoint and DriveNow this weekend for the Bay Area Sustainability Hackathon to “build apps, mobile apps and hacks to address some of the issues surrounding electric vehicles and EV charging.” We’re thinking a Dr. Horrible-style app to steal wonderflonium.

BMW’s is on track to start selling its i3 battery-electric, the successor to the lease-only ActiveE, later this year, while the i8 plug-in hybrid will start sales in 2014. BMW also unveiled a coupe concept version of the i3 at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November. Check out Solarwatt’s press release below.

BMW and utility company Green Mountain Energy cut a deal last May with Colorado-based Real Goods Solar to provide discounts on solar-energy systems for drivers of BMW’s ActiveE battery-electric vehicles. Drivers from California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York were eligible for discounts of up to 35 percent.

By Danny King