AeroVironment EV chargers

Ford figures that 11,000 electric-vehicle driving homeowners can’t be wrong. The US automaker has tapped AeroVironment as its official vendor for Level 2 home-charging systems.

AeroVironment is offering one-day installations of 240-volt systems at the homes of Ford C-Max, Fusion plug-in and Focus Electric drivers. With the Level 2 systems, the plug-in hybrids can be fully recharged in under three hours, while the Focus EV can be juiced up in less than four hours.

Through April, Ford sold almost 3,000 plug-ins vehicles, more than half of which are C-Max Energi PHEVs. By comparison, Nissan has sold almost 5,500 Leafs, while General Motors has moved 5,550 Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-ins.

Last fall, AeroVironment crossed the 10,000-station installation threshold in North America. The company was named the preferred home-charger-installation vendor of Nissan way back in 2010. Check out AeroVironment’s press release below.

By Danny King