In one translation of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the military philosopher says of an enemy, “Emerge to their surprise.” Infiniti’s EMERG-E concept has now completely lost the element of surprise. After being outed via patent office drawings earlier this month, a full set of official photos depicting Infiniti’s secret mid-engine sports car has been posted on Carscoop.

Bulbous curves and sharp creases—and nary a flat plane—define the EMERG-E’s styling. The taut, muscular bodywork flexes over the rear fenders to reveal a pair of intakes; they feed air to the mid-mounted powertrain, which pairs an electric motor with a range-extending gasoline generator. Considering the mid-engine layout of the EMERG-E, the car’s range-extending engine, and that its steering wheel resides on the right, we have a suspicion this car has been built in collaboration with Lotus. Assuming that’s correct, the Infiniti may ride on a modified version of the Evora’s platform; alternatively, Lotus may only be supplying the range-extending technology, or it may not be involved at all. We should know the details soon, as official information on the EMERG-E will arrive around its Geneva auto show debut.

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By Justin Berkowitz