When it comes to new cars, we generally play the role of the petulant six-year-old waiting to open a present, angling for a peek of what’s under the wrapping paper and shaking the box. After announcing the debut date and location (this coming Monday, San Francisco) for its new LS sedan, Lexus has taken some of the fun—and surprise—out of the full reveal by releasing a photo of the 2013 LS F Sport. That’s it above.

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As excited as we are to get to see this new toy ahead of schedule—even though we managed to sneak a peek of the LS’s new face some months ago—Lexus won’t even let us read the packaging yet. We expect that the new LS will continue to be powered by a V-8 in both standard- (LS460) and long-wheelbase (LS460L) forms; another LS600hL hybrid also is expected. The new corporate spindle grille is in place, and the overall look is a combo of current LS and new GS sedan lines. This generation of LS will be the first to get an F Sport variant, a toy we’re eager to play with since the GS F Sport turned out pretty well.

More photos and details will be available come Monday when all of the wrapping comes off.

By Austin Lindberg