Mercedes-Benz is doing a tour for their Sprinter van lineup called Test The Best: The Sprinter Tour. This tour gives individuals a chance to check out and test the Sprinter to see if its right for them. During our time at Test The Best: The Sprinter Tour, we got the chance to see first hand the Sprinter’s standard Electronic Stability Protection. A specially equipped Sprinter 1500 with bright yellow outriggers on both sides is equipped 1500 pounds of liquid water suspended atop a 500 pound steel cage to make it much more top heavy. This Sprinter is also equipped with racing seats with harnesses and the ability for the ESP to be turned off. A professional driver takes the van through an emergency maneuver at 20 and 30 MPH with the ESP off, and 40 MPH with the ESP on. The results have to seen to be believed.

By William Maley